Discover the 2024 Interior Design Trends to Create Stunning Interior Photos

Discover the latest 2024 interior design trends that interior photographers should use to create stunning and contemporary interior photos.

As an interior photographer, staying on top of the latest trends in home staging and design is critical to capturing spaces that will resonate with your clients and followers. The styles that were popular just a couple of years ago may already look dated, while new looks are emerging that you’ll want to incorporate into your shoots. For 2024, several trends are poised to shape interior photography and take home staging to new levels of artistry and visual impact. By implementing some of these trends in your next project, you’ll ensure your images have a stylish, contemporary feel that helps position you as an industry leader. The new year is the perfect time to refresh your approach and skills to keep your interior photography at the cutting edge.

Interior Photography Tip for 2024: Natural Lighting

Interior photography with natural light
Photo Credit: Eric Petschek  | Copyright: ©2023, Eric Petschek

In 2024, home staging for interior photography will focus on maximizing natural lighting.

To achieve an airy, spacious feel, reduce clutter and open curtains to allow plenty of natural light into the space. For optimal results, photograph the space during the day when the sun is shining to capture the warm glow and shadows created by natural light. Supplement with strategically placed lamps or overhead lighting if additional illumination is needed. Aim for a bright, evenly lit space without harsh shadows for the most appealing images.

White or light-colored walls act as a blank canvas and help reflect natural light, brightening the space. Touches of wood, metal, or greenery add warmth and visual interest without clutter.

2024 Interior Design Trends: Minimalism

Minimalism in interior photography
Photo Credit: Foto Miki | Copyright: XtravaganT – Fotolia

A bright, minimalistic style highlights architectural details and gives potential buyers an accurate sense of how they can make the space their own.

A minimalistic style with clean lines, neutral colors, and fewer furnishings or decor creates a sense of openness. Remove excess furniture, rugs, art, and knickknacks. Keep only essential pieces that highlight the best features of the home, such as a statement piece of art or an ornate fireplace.

Using Color to Set the Mood: Bold Hues for Dramatic Shots in 2024

To set the mood for dramatic interior shots in 2024, use bold hues and strategic color placement.

Vibrant Accent Walls

Interior photography with vibrant accent wall
Photo Credit: Eric Petschek | Copyright: ©2022, Eric Petschek

An accent wall in a vibrant, saturated hue will create visual impact. Consider emerald green, cobalt blue or burnt orange. Place the accent wall behind the focal point of the room, such as behind a bed in a bedroom or behind a dining table. The pop of color will draw the eye and create a dramatic backdrop for photographs.

Contrasting Colors for Balance

Interior photography with contrasting colors
Photo Credit: Eric Potratz | Copyright: Bright Home Photography

For balance, incorporate contrasting colors in small doses around the space. If the accent wall is green, add pillows or decor in complementary red tones. Or choose split complementary colors, such as yellow-orange and red-violet. Pops of contrasting colors create harmony and visual interest for photography.

Dark Trim or Ceilings

2024 interior design trends: dark trim or ceilings
Photo Credit: Eric Petschek | Copyright: ©2021, Eric Petschek

Painting the trim, ceilings, doors or built-in a dark, dramatic color is an easy way to saturate the space with color for photography. Charcoal gray, navy blue or black painted on trim and ceilings creates contrast that highlights architectural details. The dark colors also visually lower ceilings, creating a cozy feel for photography.

Saturated Flooring

Interior photography saturated flooring
Photo Credit: PickPik

In 2024, richly colored floors will be popular for home staging and interior photography. Materials like cobalt or emerald colored tile, terrazzo flooring with colorful aggregate, or stained concrete in jewel tones create a saturated base for the space. Vibrant flooring establishes a dramatic color palette for the entire room that translates beautifully in photography.

Using strategic and balanced pops of color, especially darker, bolder hues, will set the perfect moody stage for interior real estate and design photography in 2024. The dramatic, colorful spaces translate into striking, memorable and shareable listing and social media photographs.

Creating Dimension Through Layering Textures for 2024 Interior Photos

Creating dimension through layering textures is key to staging a space for 2024 interior photography. By incorporating tactile elements at varying heights, you can achieve an inviting depth that draws the viewer in.

Add Height with Greenery

Interior photography with plants
Photo Credit: Elif Dörtdoğan | Copyright: Elif Dörtdoğan

In 2024, houseplants are an essential accent for any home. Place plants of differing sizes on plant stands, tables, and the floor to create height in your space. For photography, choose plants with bold leaves that can stand up to the camera, such as fiddle leaf figs, monsteras or ferns.

Include Natural Wood Tones

Interior photography with natural wood tones
Photo Credit: Eric Petschek | Copyright: ©2022, Eric Petschek

The 2024 interior design trends are towards cozy, organic spaces. Incorporate wooden elements like cutting boards, bowls, trays at multiple levels. Wood adds warmth while creating visual intrigue. For small spaces, stack wooden crates on a tabletop or floor for a rustic multi-level effect.

Drape Luxurious Textiles

2024 interior design trends: Luxurious Textiles
Photo Credit: Kirti Phadke | Copyright: Kirti Phadke

Layering plush textiles is key for an opulent yet cozy 2024 style. Drape throws, quilts, sheepskins, or chunky knit blankets over chairs, couches, and tables at staggered heights for maximum depth. For photography, choose textiles in natural, neutral tones that highlight the textures.

Scatter Decorative Accents

2024 interior design trends: decorative accents featuring a variety of materials
Photo Credit: Engin_Akyurt – | Copyright: Engin_Akyurt

Place decorative accents featuring a variety of materials – metal, ceramic, glass, woven baskets – at multiple levels to complete the dimensional look. For photography, choose accent pieces with interesting shapes and glossy or matte finishes that will capture the light. Group accents in odd number clusters for the most visually compelling arrangements.

By artfully combining plants, wood tones, textiles and accents at varying heights, you can create a space with inviting depth and dimension perfect for 2024 interior photography. The interplay of textures and materials provides visual richness to capture viewers’ interest. With some simple styling tweaks incorporating the 2024 interior design trends, your space will be ready for its close-up.

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